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The HSP Entrepreneur Summit VIP Access 2022


  • 22 videos with expert speakers (valued at $1,000+) 
  • 22 downloadable mp3 audio files for each interview (valued at $200) 
  • Ongoing access to your own membership portal (valued at $997) 
  • Action Workbook with key points so you can start to implement right away
  • BONUS: 22 checklists, quizzes, trainings, and guides (valued at $997)
  • BONUS: 15 Exclusive Bonus Resources from our speakers (valued at $3,000+) 👇👇

The Soul’ed Out Social Swipe File

Get a behind-the-scenes breakdown of the *exact* social media posts that led to high-ticket sales and helped Suzy grow her biz to 6+ figures, while working only 3-4 hours a day.

Suzy will take you behind the scenes of how she came up with the posts AND exactly what happened after she posted them, in terms of how they led to her booking new clients and at least $1K each in sales

You’ll also receive prompts and suggestions to create your own, true-to-YOU versions of them, to draw in more perfect-fit clients from your own audience, and benefit from some time-saving writing and editing tips from Suzy.

Valued at $39.


Use hypnosis to unlock the power of your unconscious, Higher Self, and Spirit Guides.

 Break through any barriers that are preventing you from growing and living more authentically.

Gain life-changing perspectives that will reorient you and your business to be more meaningful and purposeful.

50% discount valued at $450.

BLOOM - The Human Design & Deconditioning Membership

You will get access to a monthly Human Design Training and a Deconditioning Session (where we use Infinity Healing, Breathwork or other Energy Healing Modalities) where we will go deep into one specific topic.

About every 6 days you will also get access to one Human Design Gate (which the Sun transits through at the time) plus a Mini Infinity Healing Session to help you activate the higher expressions of the respective Gate Energy.

For all calls, replays will be available, and right away upon joining you will get access to the BLOOM Membership Library where you will receive access to recordings of the current month and the last 2 months.

It's a safe space for you to BLOOM into your best self!

50% discount code.

Exclusive Discount on Coaching

Discount on coaching packages provided by The Ambitious Introvert.

Includes Start Up to Scale Up, The Ambitious Introvert Mastermind & VIP 1:1 coaching.

10% discount valued up to £800.

Business + Mindset Audit

In this comprehensive 1 hour session, we will cover 54 data points across the 5 pillars of your business including research, strategy, marketing & sales, operations and mindset.

You will receive a personalised report that details your growth gaps and the exact steps you need to take to shortcut your success journey.

Discount code of $100.

Diploma in Tarot ecourse with Sinead Fine

Learn Tarot Today the Easy Way Grow in Self Awareness Use Tarot in your Business and Wow your clients.

Discount code valued at $100.

Confidence Coaching Sessions with Kristy Vail 

Confidence Coaching Sessions are designed to help you close the gap from where your self-confidence is today to where you want your self-confidence to go moving forward.

Here's what's included:

  • Clarity Questionnaire
  • 75-minute virtual coaching sessions
  • Email & Voxer Support + additional resources & tools specific to your unique goals

15% coupon code valued at $112.

Relationship Reset Intensive 

  • 90 minute somatic healing + mentoring session to help you work through a trigger in your relationship.
  • One week of Voxer access to support integration.
  • Personalized guided audio practice to facilitate your healing within one week of session.

20% coupon code valued at $160.

The Time Wealth Solution with Lindsay Hindle

  • The origin of the word wealth is "wellbeing", without TIME wellbeing our finances, family, and sacred ambitions suffer, until now!
  • Finally, a solution for the ambitious sensitive humans who crave balance, flow, and healthy expansion of their life and business.
  • Inside you will find 4 powerful tools that give you time freedom, help you prioritize, and make decisions in deeper alignment with who you wish to be and how you want to feel.

Price is $27, value is $497.

Grow Your Heart-Centered Business by Julie Bjelland

So many gifted HSP healers are struggling financially and yet the potential for financial freedom in a heart-centered online business is big right now.

This online course teaches and provides you with resources that can help you grow a business that you love, that helps people, and that gives you financial freedom.

50% discount code valued at $300.

The Money Scorecard

Answer 40 questions in 5 minutes about the energy of money in your life and business. Identify your strengths and weaknesses in four key areas.

Clarify the next step that will give you the greatest value and expand your relationship with money.

Grounding Meditation with Melissa Schwartz

  • A 5 minute meditation to bring HSPs into balance.
  • Can be used over and over again.
  • Perfect for a daily centering.

Valued at $29.

Apply For Free Coaching

  • This is for high achieving, and sensitive entrepreneurs who were raised with limiting beliefs around money to interview for marketing research.
  • In exchange for the interview, Jessie is offering FREE 1:1 COACHING where she will share her best tips on bringing in more revenue for your business to grow. 

Valued at $300. 

The deepest and most effective modality to clear triggers. Fast

  • Video training by Sacha Chapman in which she combines two modalities to powerfully release and transmute triggers.
  • Clears the trigger at the root level as well clearing the trigger itself.
  • An empowering modality which also enables you to read what your subconscious is really saying and can clear and align you with your deepest desires.

Valued at $997.

Train to become a High Sensory Coach

  • Discovery the natural ability you have to coach as a High Sensory Person
  • Learn to reveal your gifts and innate methodology as a High Sensory
  • Experience yourself creating transformation in your ideal client as a new coach

Discount code valued at £300.

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How do I access to the daily interviews?

You will receive an email each day of the summit at 4pm PDT with a link to that day's interviews.  

How long do I have access to watch the interviews? 

With your free ticket, you can watch the interviews for 24 hours after they go live at 4pm PDT.

If you upgrade to the VIP All-Access pass, you have unlimited, ongoing access inside your membership portal.

What is the difference between the free ticket and the VIP All-Access pass?

The VIP All-Access pass will give you unlimited, ongoing access to the video interviews as well as the downloadable audio files.

Additionally, many of the speakers have included extra bonuses on top of their free gifts.

How long are the speaker bonuses available for?

While the unlimited access to the interviews doesn't expire, some of the speaker bonuses are only available for a limited time.

The expiry for each one will be clearly noted in your membership portal.

Do you have a refund policy?

You can receive a full refund before the summit begins on May 23rd, 2022 at 4pm PDT. However, after that time once all of the videos, audios and other bonuses are released to you, we cannot offer refunds due to the nature of the product.

How can I get in touch if I have more questions?

If you have further questions, please fill in the Contact form and we will get back to you