The HSP Entrepreneur Summit 2022

Partnering with Julie Bjelland, Psychotherapist specializing in high sensitivity and the founder of Sensitive Empowerment.

Speaker Information

Welcome to the speaker information for The HSP Entrepreneur Summit in May 2022.

This Masterclass series is for heart-centred entrepreneurs to learn strategies to build a profitable online business the HSP-friendly way.

Topics include finding your passion, visibility strategies, social media strategies, systems and automation, finding your dream clients, multiple income streams, affiliate marketing, branding, mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, self-confidence, self-care, boundaries, time management, heart-centred marketing, podcasting and more.

Our goal for our attendees to have actionable tips to take away to propel their business and their life forward whilst still practicing self-care. 

Our goal for our speakers is to enjoy the exposure to new audiences, to grow your email list, to make new connections and to shine the light on this wonderful trait of being an HSP and to inspire and encourage other HSPs to help others.

As a speaker, you will have the opportunity to earn 50% affiliate commissions on all of the attendees that you promote to who upgrade to our VIP offer bundle.

This is intended to be a collaborative event benefiting and supporting the businesses of the speakers participating. 

details of the event

Format: Interviews are pre-recorded on Zoom to fit your schedule (20-30 Minutes).

Recording:  15th February - 7th April, 2022.

Promoting:  9th - 22nd May, 2022.

Airing: 23rd - 27th May, 2022.


This is a free event for all attendees and all presentations will be available to view for 24 hours.

There will be an option to upgrade to a VIP All-Access Pass. This includes ongoing access to the presentations plus a bundle of extra goodies from our speakers.

Speakers can earn 50% affiliate commission on purchases. 

information required from speakers

  • Bio
  • Headshot
  • Interview topic/title
  • Three talking points about your interview
  • Link to your offer

Optional contribution to the All-Access pass bundle. The final value of the bundle will determine the prices for the VIP bundle and the 50% commission rate.

important dates

  • Fill out the speaker form by:  3rd March, 2022. CLOSED
  • Book your interview by: 3rd March, 2022. CLOSED
  • Promotion Dates: 9th - 22nd May, 2022.
  • Summit Dates:  23rd - 27th May, 2022.

affiliate program details

Speakers earn 50% affiliate commission on sales of the VIP All-Access Pass Bundle offer for attendees.

Affiliate commissions are paid out 2 weeks after the end of the summit, on 10 June, 2022.

Our affiliate portal is through ThriveCart and you will have access to a dashboard with promotion materials, copy and your affiliate links.


Rose Cox is a transformational coach, clinical hypnotherapist and business strategist. She works specifically with highly sensitive people and empaths who have amazing gifts to share with the world, but struggle with both the mindset and technology necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Rose Cox

Partnering with Julie Bjelland, Psychotherapist specializing in high sensitivity and the founder of Sensitive Empowerment.


The HSP Entrepreneur Summit - December 2021


I have to tell you also, that I've been part of a LOT of summits, and yours is by far the most pleasant experience I've had! Not to mention the outcome!! I've never had a summit yield this kind of results for me, so thank YOU again for inviting me to be a part of it! - Amber Rochelle
This was *the* best summit I've seen for HSPs. The 25-30 minute length was ideal! I didn't catch every talk though your presentation/interview style was excellent, slow and paced enough to track and process yet diving in as well to the topic at hand. - Lisa, Participant
This was a fabulous summit and it's due to your level of service and dedication. My deepest gratitude! - Lori,  Participant
This is the best and more helpful summit hsp oriented I attended online. I'm enrolling in very different summits and trainings that can help me before launching my business online and this is the one that resonated more with me. Thank you so much. I hope this could be done more often.
- Participant

Stand Out And Be Seen - April 2021

You were born to be among the advisors and thinkers, the spiritual and moral leaders for your society. There is every reason for pride.

Elaine N. Aron