The HSP Entrepreneur Summit 2021

Hosted by Rose Cox

Featuring 21+ Top Experts & Leaders

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The Media Darling Method  with Melody Wilding

Get more clients and become a recognized expert using the power of publicity.

The Media Darling Method will show you step-by-step how to get featured in major media publications and how to use PR to grow your business. 

Valued at $247.

Grow Your Heart-Centered Business by Julie Bjelland

So many gifted HSP healers are struggling financially and yet the potential for financial freedom in a heart-centered online business is big right now.

This online course teaches and provides you with resources that can help you grow a business that you love, that helps people, and that gives you financial freedom.

Discount code valued at $300.

Authentic and Fair Pricing Mini-Course with Sarah Santacroce

This Mini-Course that helps you eliminate clients who aren’t a perfect fit, uplevel your offers and come up with bundles to stop trading dollars for hours.

Valued at $97.

Profitable and Purposeful Podcasting Masterclass for Coaches & Consultants with Annemarie Cross

Learn key podcasting principles to optimise your chances of building reach, reputation and revenue. Discover how to position your expertise, common mistakes to avoid and more.

Book In Six with Jennifer Locke

Coupon code for $10 off Book In Six.

Six month, 183-day calendar to take authors from blank page to finished book.

(Regular price $27)

Meditation to Build a Relationship with the 4 Directions with Michael Smith 

Center yourself to receive the frequencies, vibration, and unique wisdom from the 4 Directions that is personal to you.  

Countless spiritual traditions have worked with the 4 directions and in this audio meditation with Michael R. Smith, Ph.D., you'll perhaps be surprised at the wisdom that comes through uniquely for you.

$500+ worth of bonuses, courses, memberships, guides and more in your own membership portal to help you get the most out of this summit and beyond.